The DAG directors and senior management have a long history of providing bespoke solutions having undertaken security-based operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Central African Republic, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique, for a variety of high profile clients and activities have included securing of Embassies, Airports, VVIP individuals, World Cup Cricket venues, government construction sites and Mines and as such we offer the following services.

Complete Management Solutions

DAG has the experience and assets to put in place total security solutions. With over 30 years’ experience in putting together security solutions for a range of clients including governments, embassies and reconstruction companies DAG is ideally suited to providing a turnkey solution to fit our clients’ needs and has done so in several conflict and post conflict environments.

Manned Security

DAG has a large pool of ex-military personal from various nationalities to call upon, all with previous experience of undertaking security operations in hostile environments, the security staff can be provided either armed or unarmed depending on the clients requirements and the operating environment.

Canine Security

Canine security teams are a mainstay of our operations and the DAG team has previously undertaken canine security in support of airports, embassies, Tier One government officials and key infrastructure facilities in a variety of theatres including Iraq and Afghanistan, arguably two of the highest threat environments in the world.


DAG undertakes training activities in support of a variety of clients around the globe. Training is undertaken to strict international standards and the client’s requirements this can either take the form of one of our standard courses or designed specifically to meet the client’s needs.