DAG Conservation Trust (www.dagct.com) currently runs counter poaching operations in Southern Africa which have been planned and implemented by Colonel Lionel Dyck. These operations are multifaceted in nature and involve the use of human, canine and aerial assets in the form helicopter and fixed wing airframes. The tactics and solutions utilised by Colonel Dyck and the DAG team have been recognised as the gold standard in counter poaching operations within the region. DAG is at the forefront of Africa’s conservation efforts with operations currently running in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. DAG furthermore offers the following services:


Outsourcing of complete counter poaching solutions has become a common trend amongst governments and private landowners, as this lets them concentrate on their core businesses and responsibilities, whilst keeping a strong oversight role in the conservation of their natural assets.


The use of fixed and rotary wing assets along with UAV’s hugely enhances the ability to monitor large areas, track high value targets and move men and canine assets rapidly to respond to the situation on the ground as it evolves.

CANINE UNITS Canine teams are a huge enabler of the conservation effort, they can track people and contraband at a much faster speed than humans through the bush, whilst trained dogs working at customs and immigration points continue to be exceptionally successful in curbing the trafficking of illicit materials.


As well as being able to provide a turnkey solution to your poaching situation we are able to provide customised training curriculums to suit your needs including assistance in selection and full training of rangers and game scouts to required industry standards.