Our directors and operations team have been involved in the planning and implementation of over 150 EHM projects in 24 theatres across the world for a variety of high profile clients and have gained a reputation for rapid, efficient, safe and cost-effective interventions. DAG utilises the full spectrum of the EHM “Toolbox” and has the capacity to undertake the following activities in support of clients around the globe. All DAG operations are fully compliant with International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG) and International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS).


DAG teams have extensive experience in undertaking technical survey, mapping, clearance, marking, post-clearance documentation, and finally the handover of cleared land to the relevant authorities. Gained in 23 different theatres over a span of 20 years

 Mechanical Clearance

In the correct environment the use mechanical assets is a key component of clearance operations, with the machines performing tasks such as ground preparation, tripwire removal, verification and clearance over large areas. DAG employees and management have many years of experience of utilising these assets, both remote and driver operated.  We also understand that any mechanical method is purely ground preparation for detailed mine and BAC clearance techniques.

Battle area clearance (BAC)

In areas that are known to be free from the impact of landmines but still impacted by ordnance and munitions be it from conflict in the area or use as training ranges our teams are able to carry out systematic search, detection and removal of all items of explosively hazardous material.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

In many post and ongoing conflict areas, such as Libya, Syria and Ukraine, the threat posed by single items of ordnance such as grenades, cluster munitions, land service ammunition and mortars is a constant threat. DAG EOD operators will support you through detection, identification, evaluation, and render safe, recovery and disposal operations.

Weapons and Ammunition Management

Poor or ineffective stockpile security is a growing concern, not only through the proliferation of weapons and ammunition but also the threat posed to local populations living near these stores. The DAG team has considerable practical experience in dealing with these problems and can assist you in dealing with your storage, transportation, handling processes, operating procedures and disposal needs. We can also redesign the existing facilities to conform with International Safety and Security concerns.

C-IED and IEDD Training

With the increase in non-traditional explosive risks facing many countries due to the asymmetric nature of many of the ongoing conflicts. DAG has staff specialised in the development and implementation of C-IED and IEDD training solutions. All of our training solutions are flexible and can be adapted according to specific threats and theatres.