Dyck Advisory Group (DAG) is a specialist services provider offering our clients bespoke solutions to enable their operations in hazardous and challenging environments.  

DAG is owned by Colonel Lionel Dyck who was the founder of MineTech International and acted as its Chairman until 2009 when he sold the business and is managed by Max Dyck, the CEO of the group. 

DAG management has overseen the planning, set up and implementation of over 250 projects and operated in 24 post conflict countries across the globe and have personally led operations reacting to UN Declared Emergencies including the UN Quick Reaction Force into Iraq in 2003, the UN explosive hazard response into Libya in 2011 and CAR in 2013 as well as natural disaster in many areas, overseeing in excess of US$ 200 million in project implementation.

Utilizing our global contacts and supporting organizations as well as our wealth of experience in planning and implementing solutions-based operations in a broad spectrum of activities the Dyck Advisory Group offers world class innovative solutions to selected clientele.  

The DAG head office is located in Port Owen, South Africa with representative offices based in Maputo, Mozambique, Cape Town, South Africa Harare, Zimbabwe and our Dog School in Krugersdorp, South Africa

Our main HQ has been established in such a way as to provide consolidated support to all our operations whilst giving the freedom to the different branch office locations to operate in a flexible, cost effective and results orientated fashion.

Our Cape Town office is based out of our business partners offices at Hobbs Sinclair who offer Accounting, Compliance and Venture Capital related services and look after all of our back office financial requirements including financial compliance, international finance and banking concerns.

The Harare office undertakes the HR and Administration of our Zimbabwean staff which we utilise across the gamut of our operations, the Harare office also manages our bespoke training facility based in Mutorashanga. At the same time, they are involved in supporting our American partners Global Risk Capital in finding suitable targets to invest in with their Zimbabwe targeted investment fund, and then provide management and oversight of these investments going forward.

The Mozambique office hosts a dedicated team to look after our counter poaching operations which includes oversight of all logistics, HR and finance issues and liaison with the Mozambique government, by forward basing a lot of the functions involved in this aspect of our business it means that we have been able to build a strong team with good local knowledge, whilst at the same time being able to develop a team of people that that are well versed in all aspects of our processes and that can be drawn against for support in the HQ when required during surge periods without having to employ new staff and train them to cover short periods.

Our offices in Pretoria are based at our dog school and are focused on all canine issues including purchasing and training green dogs, logistics and admin for our dog teams whilst at the same time provides support to our other operations as required. Given the size of the school, eighty-eight hectares, we also utilise it as a central location to gather staff and undertake pre-deployment training as required. By having this base, we have access to cheap purchasing options and one of the largest airport hubs in Africa for the movement of personal and equipment across the globe.

Given the diversity of our staff skills and geographical spread we believe that we are uniquely placed and have the operational capability to support our customers.

DAG maintains a large database of specialists in their chosen field who are available and ready to deploy as required.  

Having global experience in all of the theatres shown below DAG can supply bespoke consultancy and advisory services for to suit your needs

DAG Theatres of Experience